“If you haven’t dared read Modern-Day Salvation Encounters, you’ve missed out on your own “Golden Moment.” There is FIRE in these testimonies! This is a “GOTTA READ!!!” Five Olympic Thumbs Up!”

—Chris “Fireman” Brown
Multi-Medal Winning Bahamian Olympian

“As one of the contributors in her previous book, Modern-Day Miracles, I know Allison Restagno’s amazing drive and persistence in following the Lord’s mandate to carry out His will. Modern-Day Salvation Encounters is divinely ordained to be game-changer in the real world where heaven meets earth. The 40 stories from such a wide spectrum of the global population are a foretaste of many more to come. Each testimony uniquely declares the glory of the Lord and that His Kingdom will have no end. Thank you, Allison, for using your talent and moreover, for your prophetic insight to encourage Christians with these examples which will make a way for others to come to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

—Glenda Pettey
Author of Heaven is Real, One Man’s Story to Heaven and Back,
and Chapter 21 in Modern-Day Miracles

“We all have a story. Personally, I love to pick up a magazine and read true-life stories about others, as well as autobiographies. I really don’t have time for fiction any more. I want to learn something from someone else and I am quite interested in why people choose what they do. I love to see the results oftheir choices.

This book is a collection of amazing stories. The interesting thing is they are “God Stories.” In every situation, something happened, and God showed up in a real and practical way. When you read these true-life situations, you think things like, That could have been me; I have been right there in my life; and If God did that for him, then He can do that for me. This is an important and easy book to read. You will pick it up many times and reread the stories. Perhaps one of them you will really relate to, and you will encounter God, and it will change your life forever.”

—J. D. Smith
Business Owner, Toronto, Ontario

“A compelling book that reassures us again and again that God’s promise to protect His children from the storms of life is everlasting.”

—Ben Robinson
The Toronto Christian Business Directory

“Wow! Allison Restagno has given us another life-changer! What a terrific book. She shares with us authentic faith encounters from 40 fascinating individuals. Each one uses powerful words in describing their grace experience with Christ — Salvation, Regeneration, Transformation, Redemption and New Birth. This dynamic collection of personal testimonies will excite, entertain, enlighten, encourage, inspire and influence every reader! This unique book is surely destined to be a bestseller.”

—Dr. Jerry L. Spencer
Jerry Spencer Ministries

“Allison Restagno is a tenacious warrior for the kingdom of God. The powerful testimonies she has compiled for this book are a clear sign that the God of the Bible is alive and still working in the lives of everyday people today — changing the world, one heart at a time. I know you will be blessed and encouraged by reading this collection of inspiring stories.”

—Daniel Fazzina
Author, Divine Intervention – 50 True Stories of God’s Miracles Today
Host, Divine Intervention Radio –

“Many people think that they are so evil, or have done things so bad, that God would never save them. One of the most effective means in bringing people to salvation is a convicting personal testimony, and the ones included in this book provide ample evidence that God can and will save anyone who comes to Him by faith. If you are concerned about the salvation of lost friends or loved ones, I encourage you to give this book to them.”

—Dr. Jerry Horner
former Dean of Oral Roberts University School of Theology
Founding Dean of Regent University School of Divinity

“The people whose testimonies are recorded in this inspiring book are trophies of God’s limitless grace — demonstrating the great love and kindness of God in renewing lives, broken and shattered by sin. Their stories glorify Christ and will encourage the faith of those who are witnessing to others.”

—Javetta Saunders
Christian Businesswoman, Singer/Composer, Author, Speaker

“We live in a dark and discouraging world, but the Bible tells us that our enemy is overcome by “the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony (Revelation 12:11a).” Therefore, I think this collection of dramatic salvation testimonies is so vital for our generation. I’m excited to applaud Allison for her relentless efforts to bring God’s amazing stories to the world in this format, and I’m excited to see how our great, miracle-working Savior uses them all to bring souls into His Kingdom.”

—Audra Haney
Writer and Producer for The 700 Club

“We are called to be part of God’s miracles in this world — through acts of generosity and healing and hope.”

—Ed Epp
Executive Director, cbm Canada

“The testimonies in this book prove that people’s encounters with God are as varied as people are themselves, but the net result is always the same: God making himself real, and an intimate relationship growing out of that. I encourage you to read this book and judge for yourself if what we see is all there is, or is there much more to life than meets the eye? I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

—Bruce Van Natta
Author, Speaker and Founder of Sweet Bread Ministries


Marvelous! Splendid! Brilliant milestone!
These were the precise words which came to mind after reviewing the writings in Allison Restagno’s new book, the one you are holding in your hands right now. I believe this work will surely be touted as a major addition to inspire people who are hurting or are disillusioned, those who have gone astray from their faith, and all who find themselves bankrupt morally, financially, ethically and spiritually.

I applaud Allison for her tenacity and vision, for stepping out of the boat and taking a giant leap of faith into the exciting world of seeing her work go into the marketplace. Each chapter of Modern-Day Salvation Encounters has a different author. A strong attribute which bred creativity amongst her authors was her non-threatening style, allowing her authors to share their authentic story. The world wants and needs “real” people sharing their hearts with a minimum amount of threat. We live in a vastly exaggerated, technological world. We, in America, take more medications, sedatives and resort to mind-altering drugs over all other nations. The world has physiological nearness — as evidenced by growing populations, blending cultures, redefining and shaking apart values of God, Country, and The American Way of Life — but where are honesty, friendship and genuine care? Humankind is screaming, “Help!”

Modern-Day Salvation Encounters provides a perfect forum to fit your specific situation, regardless of where you may be in your life right now. All of these authors represent all of the scenarios that you frequently hear about on the 24-hour news stations. In addition, all of these authors have dealt with their own unique dragons… whether it was financial, physical, relational, moral, ethical, boredom, loss of aspiration, anger, bitterness, aggression, loneliness, emptiness, apathy… and you can add your own subject line to this list. Here’s great reading. Real people with real stories. Do you wish you could get off this endless merry-go-round of going nowhere? Do you feel that you are a fraud? That if people really knew you, they would never have anything to do with you? Do things never seem to work out for you? What messages are you sending to yourself? Are you wounding yourself with labels that God never intended for you to have?

Allison’s fantastic compilation of 40 powerful testimonies as discovered in this book, Modern-Day Salvation Encounters, is designed specifically for you. God’s Hand is upon this work. Each chapter is easy to read, invigorating, inspiring and thought-provoking.

The most appealing thing to me was that I realized I am not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Here are people who have dealt with the same struggles, have gone through the same parade of the seasons… and just look at how similar we all are.

Each author comes to an amazing conclusion, regardless of their circumstances. Each one arrives at the same location, regardless of the circuitous routes, winding roads, dark valleys, depths of despair or even temporary successes, from a worldly point of view.

Somewhere in my journey, I heard it once said, “Out of the presses of tears comes the soul’s finest wine.” I further remember some old man who had never gone to school say to me, “A brook can’t sing its song without the rocks.” We all have a song to sing. All of creation has been waiting for our arrival with our own unique message of faith, hope and love. These abide. Here’s to you, Allison, and to the willing servants who answered your sweet, wistful, tender call to share their story with the world. I believe this book will be a classic in Christian lore, sermon illustrations, Biblical counseling courses, and that it will also serve as a wonderful, non-religious but highly spiritual book, which is must reading for all who seek Truth.

After all, truth is beauty, and beauty truth. That’s all we know and all we need to know.

— Stan Cottrell
Catalytic Influencer, People-to-People Goodwill Ambassador
Founder of The Global Friendship Run, Inspirational Speaker, Author
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Former Guinness World Record Holder


A Word from Bruce Van Natta

I first met Allison Restagno several years ago when she coordinated my appearance on a major Christian television show in Canada. Later she asked me to be one of the contributors for her first book, Modern-Day Miracles. Throughout the years, we have stayed in contact through ministry opportunities and as prayer support for each other’s ministries.

I can say after knowing her this long that she has a heart for God and for ministry. She is able to hear God speak clearly and communicate His heart and love for people. As an example, I am aware of one time when she was talking to a complete stranger and went on to tell him the name of the place he worked, what shift he worked, and what was going on at his job that was troubling him. In the end, her words proved to this man that God was clearly real. Better yet, God was paying attention to him and his circumstances.

There are many other instances I could share like this, but they all end with the same result — people having an awareness of the reality of God, and specifically His love for them. The testimonies printed in this book accomplish that same thing. I personally know a couple of the people whose stories are in this book and can vouch that they are people whose lives have been changed forever by the knowledge of a living God who loves them.

In 2006, I had a semi-truck fall on top of me while I was working underneath it. The front axle crushed my body in half like a blunt guillotine. Arteries were severed in five places and I was “bleeding out.”

I called out for God to help me and ended up having an out of body/near death experience. I then watched the accident scene from above and saw two huge angels the Lord sent to save me. A Christian woman showed up who prayed me back to life. With the benefit of extensive medical documentation, I have shared my story on over 45 television shows, over 100 radio programs, nearly 1,000 speaking events and in several books, including two that I wrote called Saved by Angels and A Miraculous Life.

I am now in full time ministry, travelling the world and sharing what God did for me — even though I didn’t deserve it. As I travel and tell my story, we often pray for people and see God make Himself real to them through a miraculous physical or emotional healing, bondages being broken, or a touch of His presence.

My hope, prayer and belief for you, the Reader, is that after reading this book, you will have the same kind of experience — a realization that the Creator of the universe is alive and well, that He loves you, and that He wants to have an intimate relationship with you!

Bruce Van Natta
Author/Speaker and Founder of Sweet Bread Ministries