Allison Restagno

Allison Restagno is a best-selling Christian author. She now has two books in print, Modern-Day Miracles ( and Modern-Day Salvation Encounters ( Allison is also an International Christian Conference Planner, and Organizer of special speaker/author events. Additionally, Allison is an accredited, award-winning music teacher with 25 years of teaching experience, a wife and the mother of a wonderful five-year-old girl.

At the Lord’s leading, Allison has compiled this collection of 40 short salvation stories to encourage, uplift, and inspire each reader to salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Having been saved herself at an early age and raised in a wonderful Christian family, Allison has been blessed with the knowledge of Christianity from her childhood years. In the last decade especially, she has been given the opportunity through a series of sovereignly designed miracles, to testify about the Lord’s saving grace and His amazing supernatural power.

allisonAs Allison journeys through her incredibly miraculous life in Jesus, she continues to remind her readers that no matter what the circumstances have been or are currently in your life, God has a better plan for your life, and He will answer your prayers–according to His perfect plans and timing. Allison encourages others to believe in their hearts that God truly has the very best in store for them, and that God is truly on their side, no matter what things have transpired in the past. Just trust in the Lord, believe, and have faith. God will get you to where you are destined to be for His glory, honor, and truly incredible God-ordained, and sovereignly destined purposes!

Whether exuded in her motivational speaking or life itself, Allison inspires faith and trust in the Lord!

With Agape Love to you in Jesus,